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Flame Detectors

RED1 Product Line

UV/IR/VS - Approval for Hazordous Locations

The RED1 product family is designed for the long-range detection of a broad variety of different fuels. It can be applied in either indoor or outdoor applications. It is explosion proof for hazardous environments.

DCR1 Product Line

UV/IR - Rsistant to Most Acids & Solvents

The DCR1 provides reliable flame detection for the interior spaces of production and cleaning equipment. It is a mid-range flame detector sealed in an IP 67 rated, Ultra-Sonically welded plastic housing impervious to a broad range of acids and other materials found in production equipment. The DCR1 is approved for Class 1 Division 2 Hazardous Locations.

CFD Product Line

Perfect for General Commerial Applications

The CFD1 is designed to provide reliable flame detection for indoor applications that are not classified as hazardous. The CFD1 is ideal for commercial applications where flammable liquids are stored or used.

PFD1 Portable Flame Detector

Perfect for Portable UV Sniffing

The PFD1 is designed to provide a portable, battery powered solution that allows reliable UV flame detection for applications that are not classified as hazardous and that require mobile detection of UV signatures. 

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