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RED1-H High Speed Configuration

RED1 High Speed Multi-Spectrum Detector

  • Suitable for either Indoor or Outdoor Installation

  • Housing is Approved for Hazardous Location 

    • Class I Division 1, 2 Groups B, C, D

    • Class II Division 1, 2 Groups E, F, G

    • Class III

  • Wide Cone Of Vision

  • Multiple Spectrum Sensor Array

  • A Microprocessor Based Design for Maximum Stability

  • FireScape™- A Pre Fire Spectral Data Plot

  • DataScan™ - A Real Time Display of Spectral Data

  • Field Programmable Sensitivity Settings

  • Available with or without UV Self-Test

  • Available with Verify Fire and Aux Relay

  • Selectable High Speed Response to a Large or Close Fire Event

Also Available in a WHITE Housing

Documentation (pdf format)

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